Product Information

Hama Pro LED High Mast Light  500-1600W

-High strength Polycarbonate Lens, Realize In IK10,

15° / 30° / 45° / 60° /

-Visor: Minimizing glare light and spill light

-Spill Light: Reduces Light Pollution

-Precise Angle Rotation

-Laser Sight: Easily adjust the direction of illumination to achieve maximum lux and uniformity

-Module Gap Design: Reduces Wind Area Resistance & Increases Heat Dissipation Performance

-Driver box can be fifixed on bracket or on pole in order to lower the weight of whole fifixture and easy maintenance.

-Integrated Round Die-casting Heat Sink: Excellent Thermal Management & Compact Structure

-Racked Angle up to 270 ° : Allows for Precise Installation

-Die-Casting Aluminum Arm & Bracket: Anti-Typhoon 17 & High Corrosion Resistance For Coastal Area

-Integrated Breather Valve: Balances The Internal & External Temperature & Humidity

-Double Surge Protection: Driver 4KV & Extra 10-20KV SPD

-Nema Photo Control 100-277V & 0-480V available/ DALI / DMX / Zigbee

-Laser Customized OEM LOGO on Arm

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