Industrial lighting-Corn Light


Corn lights, also known as “corncob lights,” are named for their appearance. These lights are unique in design and produce 360 degrees of light! These screw-in LED bulbs put out extremely bright light while using little wattage.

Its patented design includes the driver/control board in a separate chamber than the LEDs, which provides advanced heat dispersion. High-quality components, such as high-grade Samsung LEDs, combined with high-quality workmanship and a unique, patented heat sink, ensure you'll get 50,000 hours of lamp life.

With our LED Corn Lights, you can keep your original fixtures! These bulbs make upgrading to LEDs even easier.

We recently added our Post Top Corn Lights to our website! This one model takes care of multiple lighting retrofit applications. It comes with both an E26 E27 E39 and E40 base that can be installed in either end of the lamp to create either an A-type, or B-type beam spread. You can choose which type of base fits best for your fixture.


Perfect use for post top lights, wall lanterns, bollards, and even overhead lighting, such as low bays, shop lights, and canopy lights.

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